Mr. Faiz Sobhan

Mr. Faiz Sobhan has 20 years experience of working on a wide range of international political, economic, social and security issues. Prior to joining the Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI) in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Mr. Sobhan spent 13 years at the Commonwealth Secretariat, in London, England, working on a range of economic, social and environmental issues. He joined BEI as Research Director in the Foreign Policy, Security and Countering Violent Extremism Section in December 2009.

Mr. Sobhan has a MA degree in International Studies and Diplomacy from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, and a BA degree in International Studies from George Mason University in Virginia, USA. Before joining the Commonwealth Secretariat, Mr. Sobhan undertook three successive internships, first at the Grameen Bank’s head office in Dhaka, Bangladesh, followed by UNICEF in New York, and finally at the office of the UN Resident Coordinator in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Mr. Sobhan is an alumni of the Near East and South Asia (NESA) Center for Strategic Studies of the National Defense University in Washington D.C., USA and has been a member of a number of working groups including “Energy Security”, “Post Conflict Reconciliation”, “Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Extremists”, and “Global Powers in the NESA Region”.

Mr. Sobhan has participated and presented a number of papers on international affairs and security issues at national, regional and international conferences. He has authored articles and publications on international affairs, international security and counter-terrorism.  His research has included issues related to politics, regional cooperation, security, terrorism, counter-terrorism and countering violent extremism. Mr. Sobhan has presented research papers at a number of international seminars and conferences including “SAARC: Towards Meaningful Cooperation”; “India-Bangladesh Security Dialogue”; “Bangladesh-Myanmar Track 2 Dialogue”; “Countering Violent Extremism in South Asia through Strategic Communications”; “Role of the Media in Countering Violent Extremism”; “Role of Education in Countering Violent Extremism”; “The Role Civil Society in Supporting the Rehabilitation/Reintegration of Violent Extremist Offenders in South Asia”; “Role of Civil Society in Strengthening Rule of Law-Based Responses to Terrorism and Violent Extremism in South Asia”; “Dialogue on Population Movement in the South and Southeast Asian Region”; the “5th Asia Pacific Security Dialogue”, organized by Monash University (Melbourne, Australia); “Regional Summit to Counter Violent Extremism” hosted by the Australian government, and “ISIL, Social Media and Radicalization in South Asia”, organized by the National Defense University, Washington D.C..