Md. Monjurul Momenin

Md. Monjurul Momenin, Research Officer

Research Officer

Md. Monjurul Momenin

Mr. Md. Monjurul Momenin is working as a “Research Officer” in Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI). He has completed Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS) and Master of Social Sciences (MSS) from University of Dhaka under the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies.

During study period, he has worked as meta “Data Entry Assistant” in “Nationwide Fistula Project” under United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in August 2016. He has also worked as “Research Assistant” for “Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research(C3ER)” under “Climatic and Non-Climatic Shocks to Communities and Change Impact on Livelihood of Rural People” in Bangladesh; funded by Oxfam GB in September 2015. During Graduation and Post-Graduation level of studies, he has participated and engaged with various extra-curricular activities, arranged programs on different national and international level issues with university-based student organizations.

Besides, he has been worked as “Associate Member” & “Senior Associate Member” of House of Volunteers (HoV, Dhaka University Chapter) from 2014-2016 under “Earthquake Awareness Campaign in Urban Area Project. He has worked as “General Member” of United Nations Youth & Students Association of Bangladesh (UNYSAB) He has worked as a team member under “Project DESH” of award winning dance-art producer and Choreographer of 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony Artist Akram Khan with British Council Bangladesh in August-October 2014. He has worked as “General Member” and arranged various “MUN” (Model United Nations) programs with Dhaka University ModelUnited Nations Association (DUMUNA) from 2013.

He can be reached at (24/7) and (from Sunday-Thursday ; 10:00 am – 06:00 pm).