Mr. Md. Shamim Al Mamun

Mr. Md. Shamim Al Mamun joined Bangladesh Enterprise Institute on 28th May 2007 and is currently working as Head of IT in the Information Technology department at the Institute. Prior to joining BEI Mr. Mamun worked as ICT Specialist at Japan based software company UNIQA Software & Systems Ltd. and also Daffodil online Ltd. a leading Internet Service Provider company in Bangladesh. 

Mamun is an experienced ICT professional with over 18 years of experience in various roles across multiple organizations. He has a successful track record of business operations and management, leading ICT projects in software, web, and mobile applications, information systems/information technology audit, security assessment, and software quality assurance in various industry. In addition, he is proficient in developing manageable, enforceable policies, the development of information security policies, and the development of the business continuity policy (BCP). His experience spans across local and international projects, having worked with countries like Czech Republic, Norway, some other countries in Europe, Japan, middle east, and the USA.

Mamun is a visionary, and convergent thinker. He earned a lot of real-world experience working with a number of Companies across the globe. He collaborated with Leadership teams, Management teams, and Operations teams and was familiar with the business challenges, organization goals , problems with execution , working methods, social variances, etc.

Mamun holds several certifications in multiple areas, including CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor), SWIFT Certified Professional, ACP (Acunetix Certified Professional), and MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional). He has received professional training in information security, audit & forensics, and Cisco networking.

Mamun holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science & Engineering and is particularly interested in Operations and management, Information Security & Forensics, IT/IS auditing, and ICT Development. Mr. Mamun can be reached at or