Current Projects

BEI-IRI Discussion Forums in Bangladesh

Peace Building through Counter-Radicalization of Youth in Bangladesh

Export diversification, connectivity and emerging issues in global trade: A private sector-oriented trade policy discourse

Promotion of Confidence Building in CHT through Empowering Communities and Institutions

GAC Capacity Building Programs (IGC) funded project on Preventing Radicalization and Violent Extremism through Empowering Youth

The proposed project will be undertaken over a span of 30 months in 15 Upazillas located in the northern part of Bangladesh (Rangpur and Rajshahi Division). The beneficiaries of the proposed project will be the targeted youth and teachers will act as change agents for the youth. The project will form thirty peer groups ‘Youth Forums for Promoting Social Harmony” They will undertake various community level initiatives using various platforms of community journalism in order to spread positive social views with an aim to countering the radical perspectives, opinions and ideologies. They will organize wall poster competition, debate festival, dialogues and discussions on relevant critical issues to form opinion against the appeal of radicalization and violent extremism. The trained students will try to promote the value of pluralism, diversity, tolerance, democracy, human rights and positive religious views as part of their promotion of alternative narratives to Islamist terrorist ideologies.