The Role of Youth in Peace-building: Experiences from Jessore on 11-13 August 2015 and Jhenaidah on 14-17 August 2015


Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI) organized its 13th and 14th workshop on The Role of the Youth in Peacebuilding under the European Union funded project Conflict Prevention through Counter-radicalization of Youth in Monirampur upazilla of Jessore district from 11 August to 13 August 2015 and in Shoilkupa upazilla of Jhenaidah district from 14 August to 17 August 2015. Since the January 5 national election there were numerous incidents pertaining to violent conduct on religious and ethnic minorities in Jessore, whereas rampant political violence took place between the mainstream political parties in Jhenaidah. Hence these two upazillas were deliberately chosen for such a workshop. Reports also identified incidents of schools and hospitals being vandalized, as such, BEI decided to conduct its peacebuilding workshops in the Southern part of the country to sensitize people to threats, develop negotiating skills for conflict prevention, and to help them analyse the processes and consequences of radicalization and violent extremism.