2nd coordination meeting on Facilitating Proactive Disclosure Mechanism for the Local Government Division


Event Name : Recent Events

Date : 9 April, 2012

Description :


The 2nd Joint Coordination Meeting was scheduled on 10 am on 09 April 2012 at the Conference Room of Information Commission Bangladesh. The topic was “Facilitating Proactive Disclosure Mechanism for the Local Government Division”. The meeting was chaired by Ambassador Muhammad Zamir, Chief Information Commissioner, along with Mr. Farooq Sobhan, President, Bangladesh Enterprise Institute. Mr. Farooq Sobhan started the meeting at 10:30 a.m. by welcoming the participants who were from the Local Government Division of the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives (MoLGRDC), Anti Corruption Commission, Information Commission, Bangladesh Enterprise Institute and USAID/PROGATI. Then he introduced today meeting’s agenda and highlighted some important points that were identified in the 1st Joint Coordination Meeting.  Ambassador Muhammad Zamir also welcomed and thanked the participants and pointed out the missing points that need to be incorporated in the activity list of MoLGRDC which will enhance the path of proactive disclosure of information of the ministry. After that Mr. Nepal Chandra Sarker conducted the session I on evaluating actions that have been taken by the ministry and its organizations/offices after the 1st Joint Coordination Meeting. Then in session II of the program, Ms. Melanie Beth Oliviero, Strategic Advisor, Alliances, DAI conducted a presentation on best practices on proactive disclosure around the world and in comparison to the benchmark practice, Mr. Sarker has shared the current practices in Bangladesh. In the next session a group discussion was held forming three groups of Local Government Division (LGD), Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) and City Corporation. The objective of this session was to identify the actions for improving practices and set time lines for achieving excellence in proactive disclosure. During the group discussion all the groups were given 30 minutes and after that they had to present their findings. At the end of the group presentations, Mr. Nepal Chandra Sarker summarized the issues discussed in the meeting and proposed a tentative and venue for the 3rd Joint Coordination Meeting. The meeting was called off by Ambassador (Rtd.) Muhammad Zamir by concluding on the main topic and giving vote of thanks to all participants.


Posted Date : 8 April, 2012