5th Bangladesh-India Security Dialogue, New Delhi, 2-3 April 2014


Event Name : Recent Events

Date : 2 April, 2014-3 April, 2014

Description :

The Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI), in partnership with the Observer Research Foundation (ORF)-Center for International Relations, India, held a two-day “Bangladesh-India Security Dialogue” on 2-3 April 2014 at ORF in New Delhi, India.

Security experts, academics, government functionaries and civil society members of both Bangladesh and India attended the Dialogue. This was the fifth in a series of dialogues that BEI has held in association with ORF.

The main purpose of the dialogue was to examine the state of relationship between Bangladesh and India, with a special focus on promoting regional security. The underlying objective of the dialogue was to increase cooperation and collaboration between the two countries with a view to promoting common and shared developmental and security objectives.

In his speech, BEI president Mr. Farooq Sobhan highlighted the fascinating transformation of the relationship between Bangladesh and India ever since the Independence of Bangladesh. He also stated that a mutual friendship has been borne out in shared experiences, which are all useful in building up a good understanding between the two neighbours and marching towards a better all-round cooperation. He also mentioned the progresses achieved during the last 5-6 years, relating the economic fronts, power sectors, sub-regional cooperation, border security, border management and counter-terrorism cooperation.



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