A Three Days Training course on “Strengthening Ministry Audit Cell”


Event Name : Recent Events

Date : 24 July, 2011-26 July, 2011

Description :

Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI) and PROGATI Project funded by USAID  jointly organized A Three Days Training course on “Strengthening Ministry Audit Cell” for officials of Government Ministries and entities and Audit Department staff on July 24, 25 & 26, 2011 at Ornate Hotel, Dhaka.

Strong ministry audit cells are needed to promote and maintain communications between Ministries and the CAG.  Training on responding to audit queries, record keeping, preparing audit replies—each of which concerns communications methods and approaches—will help clarify expectations on the format and content of formal communications between agencies.  Training officials of both Ministries and CAG jointly can also help to forge understanding of job challenges and build informal relations between officials.

For further information, Please feel free to contact Mr. Nurul Amin, Public Accounts Specialist, BEI at  +880 2 8391313or email at  amin1164@hotmail.com.

Posted Date : 3-3-2012