Bangladesh Enterprise Institute briefs a 27 Member High Level Nepalese Delegation


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Date : 2 April, 2006- ,

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Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI) organized a Briefing Session on Bangladesh Trade and Economic Policies for a delegation of 27 senior officials of the Government of Nepal on Sunday, April 02, 2006 from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

Mr. Farooq Sobhan, President, BEI and the chair of the session highlighted the activities of BEI geared towards private sector development in Bangladesh.

Mr. Mamun Rashid, CEO, Citibank N.A. and Sayed Alamgir Farrouk Chowdhury, former Commerce Secretary were the key-note speakers.

Sayed Alamgir Farrouk Chowdhury covered issues regarding Bangladesh’s export outlook, the status of RMG sector after post-MFA with special reference to WTO and Bangladesh.

Mr. Mamun Rashid spoke about Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and the investment climate in Bangladesh, return on investments and repatriation of hard currency. Mr. Rashid highlighted that the average return on equity of international companies in Bangladesh is over 30% and investments in Bangladesh exceeded the Fortune 500 Companies’ return expectations of 20%.

The officials from Nepal are undertaking a senior executive level course at the Nepal Administrative Staff College, which is the management development institution at the national level in Nepal. This is the 4th such visit from Nepal and the team is visiting Bangladesh on a field study tour from 1 – 6 April. The delegation is visiting Bangladesh to conduct a comparative study on 4 sectors; forestry, trade, agriculture and the judicial system.

The delegation included among others, officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Law and Justice, Ministry of Industry, the Attorney General’s Office and the Water and Energy Commission of the Government of Nepal.

In the concluding remarks, Mr. Sobhan said that BEI seeks to help the private sector by building its capacity to network with regional and international bodies and serves as a platform to facilitate and promote trade Bangladesh and the region.

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