BEI participates at the international launching of Fairplay Please! in Bangkok


Event Name : Recent Events

Date : 27 June, 2006-2 July, 2006

Description :

The international launching of the report Fairplay Please! at Bangkok, Thailand from June 27 – July 2, 2006 marked the official ending of BEI’s two-year project on competition policy and law in partnership with CUTS, India, and partner institutions in six project countries in South and South-east Asia.

The volume is a compendium of the synthesis report of the 7Up2 project on “Advocacy and Capacity Building on Competition Policy and Law in Asia”. The volume establishes a benchmark for Bangladesh and other partner countries, and will serve as a valuable resource to dispel the notion that competition law is of interest only for developed countries.

The 7Up Model on competition policy championed by CUTS India is a bottom-up approach. The model involves partnering with local research and advocacy institutions in project countries, and engaging a wide range of local stakeholders including the business, the polity, consumer groups and other NGOs, media, academics and lawyers among others.

Under the scope of the project, BEI constituted a National Reference Group comprising of key stakeholders, conducted a perception survey on competition issues among policy makers, business community and consumers, and published two major reports on competition issues in Bangladesh. The reports are available on BEI’s website at

The first of their kind studies show that Bangladesh has not been able to maximize the benefits of trade and economic liberalization due to market distortions which are common practice due to an absence of effective competition policy in the country, and suggest strategies to develop and foster competitive market practices. As part of the project, BEI, in partnership with Unnayan Shamannay, conducted several workshops to raise awareness of the issues raised amongst policy makers, media and business community.

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