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Date : 19 November, 2006- ,

Description :

The Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI) organized the 14th Roundtable on CSR Practices and Challenges in Bangladesh on Sunday November 19, 2006. The roundtable was chaired by Mr. Farooq Sobhan, President, BEI.

The roundtable is a part of the dialogue series on CSR in Action that the CSR Centre organizes every month to hear the perspectives of key stakeholders and raise awareness on CSR practices and implementation challenges in Bangladesh.

At the 14th roundtable, presentations were made by:

Mr. Syed Nasim Manzur, Managing Director, Apex Footwear Limited;

Mr. Mohiuddin Babar, Head of Communications, Lafarge Surma Cement Limited; and

Ms. Tanya Selskaya, Vice President, AIESEC Bangladesh.

During his presentation, Syed Nasim Manzur highlighted the CSR practices in his organization. He stressed that CSR activities are not an alternative to regulation. He said that CSR is multidimensional and continually evolving. Specific corporate social responsibility practices in Apex include proper effluent treatment, occupational health and safety, maintaining a pollution free environment and planting trees on the factory premises.

Mr. Mohiuddin Babar discussed in details the CSR practices in Lafarge’s Chhatak cement factory. He shared with the audience the community development activities that Lafarge has undertaken in Chhatak. These activities range from providing education and healthcare facilities to the local community to helping families relocate to better households.

Ms. Tanya Selskaya presented an overview of her organization, AIESEC International and discussed a project focusing on CSR in the RMG sector titled, Made in Bangladesh. AIESEC will soon start its project that envisions to address issues, such as, supply chain, labour issues and effective responsible business.

The roundtable was attended by among others, Mr. Mamun Rashid, Citibank; Mr. Osman Morad, Standard Chartered Bank, Mr. Sami hafiz, HSBC Bank, Dr. Rumana Dowla, ACI Limited, Sohel Tanvir Khan, ACI Limited, ASM Mainuddin Monem, Abdul Monem Ltd., Syed Kaiser Kabir, Renata Ltd., Mr. Murad Husain, Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd., Professor Bazlul Mobin Chowdhury, IUB, and Dr. Mohammad Musa, East West University.

For further information, please contact Mr. Iftekar Ahmed, Senior Research Fellow at iftekar.ahmed@bei-bd.org or Ms. Sherina Tabassum at tabassum@bei-bd.org.

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