“Mental Health First Aid Training” programme, 26-27 August 2020, Dhaka

Date: 26-27 August 2020

BEI in association with ICMA , Rupantor and PHWC organized a two-day training workshop entitled “Mental Health First Aid Training” on 26-27 August, 2020 at Hotel Lakeshore, Dhaka with the selected mentor candidates from the two pilot locations.

The objective of the training session was to prepare the mentor candidates for listening and intervening with the mentees during crises and mental health support.

The training was organized separately for the two groups of Uttara and Syedabad. There were 04 trainers, for each group two trainers were assigned. Besides, the mentor candidates, the CRI project personnel from BEI, ICMA and Rupantar also joined the training as trainees.