Press briefing on Diversification of Broadcast Media in Bangladesh


Event Name : Recent EventsDate : 28 August, 2006- ,

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The Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI) has facilitated a Media Advocacy Group to promote and advance the process of media diversification in Bangladesh. As a step to disseminate knowledge and importance of diversified media in Bangladesh, in consultation with the Media Advocacy Group, BEI has produced a report on Media in Development: Linkages between Socio-Economic Development and Diversified Media in Bangladesh. On Monday, August 28, 2006 BEI organized a press briefing where a synopsis of the report was presented by the Lead Researcher Mr. Shahab Enam Khan, Lecturer, Jahangirnagar University.

The report, based on an exhaustive study, offers detailed insights on the current state of media from socio-economic perspectives and links the media to the development goals of Bangladesh. In addition, the report presents policy recommendations to maximize potentials of broadcast media to enhance its role in socio-economic and private sector development.

The report suggests that diversifying terrestrial TV and radio broadcasting needs to be a priority for the government to enhance and deepen information outreach to the economically and socially disadvantaged. The report draws examples linking broadcast media diversification to social and economic development by establishing a strong foundation of information and knowledge empowerment. Accurate and responsible reporting with wider outreach can contribute to informed discussions and debates on current issues. The consumers, empowered with knowledge, can better organize themselves and serve as pressure groups to voice their concerns.

The report finds that the key constraint to the growth of such a media landscape in Bangladesh is the regulatory and policy environment for broadcast media. The key recommendations for policy and regulatory reform are:
1. Establish a permanent and independent National Broadcast Commission to regulate broadcast media
2. Enact legislation to create and enable public service broadcasting, private commercial broadcasting, and community broadcasting systems
3. License terrestrial broadcast frequencies for private use and
4. Give autonomy to Bangladesh TV and Bangladesh Betar.

Representatives from the Media Advocacy Group and leading print and electronic media were present at the press briefing.

Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI), a not for profit research organization established in October, 2000, has established a reputation for excellence in its research and advocacy work focusing on private sector development in Bangladesh. BEI promotes issues of importance to the private sector and initiates essential measures to influence policy making for the development of a market-oriented economy. BEI hopes to address the enormous challenge that Bangladesh faces in securing a fair share of the global market. Since its inception, BEI has been working as a catalyst to foster the growth of private sector in Bangladesh.

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