Regional Faculty Workshop on Corporate Governance Board Leadership


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Date : 3 May, 2008- ,

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The Bangladesh Enterprise Institute hosted the first roll-out of the Forum’s new Corporate Governance Board Leadership Resources kit in Dhaka on May 3-5, 2008. The Commonwealth Secretariat co-sponsored the event, at which 18 participants from the host country, India, the Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka gathered under the capable leadership of our faculty, Anne Molyneux, Mary Jo Larson and Lopa Rahman. Anne and Mary Jo have been intimately involved in the preparation of the kit and so were well-equipped to serve as trainers / facilitators. Lopa, a Program Director at BEI and participant at the Forum’s Faculty Workshop held in Washington, D.C. in April, did particularly well, all the more so in light of her newness to the training materials involved. The approach and methods used at our Faculty Workshop were successfully deployed in Dhaka, with the group picking up immediately on the “spirit of the proceedings” and applying their substantial knowledge of corporate governance issues and capabilities in adult education to create the kind of synergies, complementarities and display of professionalism that characterized the Washington sessions. The positive feedback that we’ve received after Dhaka reflects a strong sense of fulfillment and achievement that participants and faculty alike apparently brought away from the workshop.

Possibly one of the most important elements of learning at this event was the emphasis on interaction and negotiation in forging consensus and problem-solving, crystallized in the role-playing exercises. In the interest of helping boards generally to progress from formalistic decision-making to real engagement of directors – and other stakeholders – in addressing the wide array of issues confronted by corporations, skills honed by the Resources kit and the workshop program would appear to be lending support to one of the most challenging aspects of improving corporate governance.

At the end of the workshop, we gathered the group for an informal discussion of participants’ thoughts, ideas and plans regarding next steps. All in the group came forth with confirmation that they would be implementing rollout out of the kit back home, and some offered complementary initiatives, like developing communications strategies (booklets, journals and periodicals) for and developing networks targeting board directors, company secretaries and HR managers; revitalizing support for regulatory reforms, specifically (in one case) working to establish legal recognition of a corporate governance code; implementing transparent accounting and financial policies in participant organizations; and introducing director performance evaluation systems. Representatives from the Maldives are already convening a follow-up workshop targeting directors next month, to be based on the Leadership Resources kit.

This was an encouraging start to the Forum’s rollout of this material. The substantive contribution of the workshop participants, the expert “management” of the sessions by the three faculty members and, not least, the very capable hosting, with thanks to Farooq Sobhan, President of the BEI and Lopa and her colleagues at the Institute, combined to create the kind of professional and high-spirited workshop that we all strive for. We look forward to staying in touch with all participants regarding their follow-up planning and implementation, and we will be better equipped, thanks to our Dhaka experience, to move on to the second rollout in Mumbai in July. Many thanks to all involved.

Source: Global Corporate Governance Forum(GCGF)

For further information, please contact Lopa Rahman, Project Director or Asif Ayub, Research Associate at BEI.

Posted Date : 3 March, 2012