Roundtable Discussion on the OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance for State-Owned Enterprises – Day 1


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Date : 14 November, 2006- ,

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The Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI) organized a two-day roundtable discussion on the OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance for State-Owned Enterprises on Tuesday, November 14, 2006.

Mr. C. M. Shafi Sami, Adviser, Caretaker Government inaugurated the event as the chief guest.

Dr. Mohammad Ayub Miah, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Industries, Mr. Farooq Sobhan, President, BEI and Mr. A M M Nasir Uddin, Secretary, Energy Division, Ministry of Energy, Power and Mineral Resources chaired the sessions at the conference.

Ms. Mathilde Mesnard, Administrtor, Corporate Governance of State Owned Assets, OECD and Mr. Motoyuki Yufu, Principal Administrator, OECD Outreach Unit for Financial Sector Reform made detailed presentations on the OECD Guidelines.

The Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI) has organized a two-day roundtable discussion on the OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance for SOEs to promote and enhance awareness about the guidelines, and strengthen the practice of good governance among the State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in Bangladesh.

BEI has organized the roundtable to evaluate the corporate governance (CG) practices, policy framework and performance of SOEs in Bangladesh and benchmark these against international good practices.

While inaugurating the confenrecne Mr. C M Shafi Sami commended BEI’s work on Corporate Governance. He said that Bangladesh is increasingly becoming aware about CG and picking up momentum in adopting the best practices and principles of CG to be at par with its neighboring counties such as India and Pakistan.

While making her presentation, Ms. Mesnard said that the need for developing the guidelines arose from the pressure for reform deriving from globalization and liberalization, specific governance challenges, and the impact of SOEs on economic performance.

Mr. Farooq Sobhan stressed that SOEs need strong leadership in the board to manage them. He also noted that SOEs suffer from the issue of continuity due to the high turnover of its human resources.

Dr. Ayub Miah noted that the inefficiency of the SOEs stems from, among other things, excess overheads, inefficient capacity, over-manning and increased external competition.

Mr. A M M Nasir Uddin pointed out that the burning issue of CG came into focus after the Asian Financial Crisis and the collapse of major companies, such as Enron. He said that the interdependence of the SOEs makes it difficult for the SOEs to function. Sometimes this causes all the SOEs to sink together.

Representatives from various Ministries, SOEs, regulatory bodies and NCBs including REB, CRISL, WDB, RJSC, Janata Bank Training Institute attended the conference. Mr. Hussain Jamil, Registrar, RJSC and Mr. M. Musharraf Hossain Bhuiyan, Chairman, Petrobangla were present at the conference among others.

Posted Date : 4 March, 2012