Publication ceremony of the book Bangladesh � India Dialogue: Vision of Young Leaders


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Date : 28 June, 2006- ,

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Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI) organized a publication and book launching ceremony of the book titled Bangladesh-India Dialogue: The Vision of Young Leaders on Wednesday, June 28, 2006at the BEI Conference Room.

Eminent lawyer, Dr. Kamal Hossain  graced publication ceremony as the chief guest. Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed, Professor, Department of International Relations, Dhaka University and Dr. Abdur Rob Khan, Research Director, BIISS and Maj. Gen. Syed M. Ibrahim commented on the book. Dr. Kamal Hossain in his keynote speech observed “we are at a critical juncture when we must change directions, we cannot promote division and distrust within the country or mutual distrust and negative attitudes in relations with our neighbour. This why I would urge that we need to make a directional change so as to reconceptualize our strategic goal not in terns of simply of resolving “disputes” pending in different sectors but of the positive goals that we need to achieve to realize the legitimate expectations of our people. This will impel us to recognize the unacceptable cost of non-cooperation and keeping alive disputes or indulging in narrowly parochial an partisan conduct of domestic and in particular foreign policy for short term advantages at the cost of longer term and greater goals. Let this be the message that goes out from our roundtable“. Indian High Commissioner Veena Sikri and Acting British High Commissioner Stephen Bridges stressed cooperative Indo-Bangladesh relations for the mutual benefit of the two neighboring countries.

The contents of the book contain the proceedings of the third Indo-Bangladesh dialogue that was held in January, 2006. BEI organized a three-day India – Bangladesh dialogue for young leaders .Mr. Reaz Rahman, Advisor, Foreign Affairs was the Chief Guest at the inaugural session of the dialogue on January 17, 2006. This was the third in the Indo-Bangladesh dialogue series.

The book is edited by Mr. Farooq Sobhan, President, and (BEI). The introduction of the book is written by Prof. Robert Bradnock, Kings’ College, UK who was External Resource Person for the third dialogue.

BEI initiated the dialogue series of young leaders of South Asia under its leadership programme. The first meeting was held under the title “Strengthening Cooperation and Security in South Asia-Post 9/11”. The two part dialogues of both young and the eminent persons of South Asia were held in 2003. That dialogue was followed up by another two dialogues under the title “Bangladesh-India Dialogue for Young Journalists”.

The proceedings of the first two dialogues were published in two books:

1. Strengthening Cooperation and Security in South Asia-Post 9/11 in 2004 and

2. Dynamics of Bangladesh-India Relations in 2005.

The books are available with University Press Limited (UPL) and leading bookstores. For further information, please contact Ambassador M. Shafiullah, Senior Research Fellow, Bangladesh Enterprise Institute at

From left to right: Syed Mohammed Ibrahim (Rtd.); Mr. Stephen J. Bridges, Acting British High Commissioner; Dr. Kamal Hossain, Eminent Lawyer; Mr. Farooq Sobhan, Presient, BEI; H.E. Veena Sikri, Indian High Commissioner; and Ambassador M. Shafiullah, Senior Research Fellow, BEI.


Posted Date : 4 March, 2012