Workshop on Regulatory Impact Assessment


Event Name : Recent Events

Date : 13 February, 2006- ,

Description :

Workshop on Regulatory Impact Assessment at BEI

As part of the ongoing design phase activities of the proposed Private Sector Development Support Project (PSDSP), a mission on Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) has been fielded in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to examine the prospects for introducing the Regulatory Impact Assessment tool as part of the Government’s regulatory reform agenda. The mission is being led by Mr. Peter Ladegaard, FIAS, and consists of Mr. Darren Welch and Mr. Mark Minford from Bannock Consultants, UK.

As part of their activities, the mission met with a small focus group of private sector representatives on the morning of 13 February, 2006 at BEI, and used this meeting to draft a pilot RIA on the existing Duty Drawback system in Bangladesh.

In the afternoon of the same day, the mission met with various members of the Government of Bangladesh Private Sector Development Core Group to discuss the pilot RIA and debate options for embedding the RIA tool within the regulatory system of Bangladesh.

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