BEI launches publication on state of terrorism, The Independent, 27 September 2011


Terrorism is a transnational crime and civic education is needed to counter it alongside raising awareness and sensitisation activities, experts said at a programme to release the publication ‘State of Terrorism in Bangladesh’ on Monday. Held at the conference room of Bangladesh Enterprise Institute in Gulshan, BEI president Farooq Sobhan chaired the programme.

Addressing as chief guest, Denmark’s ambassador to Bangladesh Dhaka Svend Olling said only the government’s initiatives at policy and operational levels are not enough to effectively counter radicalisation and terrorism but civil society, moderate religious groups and general public need to be actively involved alongside the government. He said the international community is supportive of government initiatives to strengthen law enforcement in Bangladesh and once it is implemented, the capacity of state machineries will be enhanced substantially in effectively combating terrorism.

An official of the National Security Intelligence said that the banned Islamist outfit Hizb-ut Tahrir Bangladesh is quite active in the country and the number of its members is increasing since it is the only outfit running with an ideology.

“Publications of HuT are very rich and we must read those publications to make counter-publications to effectively oppose the outfit,” he said. “Otherwise, the outfit will remain the most threatening point of concern for us as it is difficult to counter them operationally.”

He, however, said activities of Islamist militants are under control while the present government is also giving due emphasis on the need to counter terrorism.
Presenting the publication report, Faiz Sobhan said 81.6 percent of the 440 respondents said that terrorism was a threat to national security, while 33.4 percent indicated that Bangladesh is still a safe country.

About root causes of terrorism in Bangladesh, 68 percent identified wrong interpretation of Islam while 21.5 percent identified lack of democracy as the primary reason why militant outfits draw support in Bangladesh.


27 September, 2011