Cruden: Good governance requires integrity, Dhaka Tribune, 17 February 2014

Heather Cruden (1)

Integrity in the works of all, including politicians, government officials and the media worker makes the total process transparent and reliable, says the Canadian High Commissioner.

The country’s future development relies on ensuring good governance in all levels, including politics and civil administration, discussants said at a programme yesterday.

They added that the government must have a mechanism to ensure good governance for the sake of the country’s development.

The speakers stressed the need for good governance at a seminar titled “Good governance in Bangladesh: an agenda for the future” held at the capital’s Brac Centre Inn auditorium organised by the Bangladesh Enterprise Institute.

In her address, Canadian High Commissioner Heather Cruden said: “It will be tough for Bangladesh to be a middle-income country unless ensured good governance in all sectors as this is the key to development.”

Good governance requires integrity in the works of all, including politicians, government officials and the media worker which ultimately makes the total process transparent and reliable, she added.

Farooq Sobhan, president of Bangladesh Enterprise Institute, emphasised the importance of decentralisation of the government and also empowerment of the local government to achieve sustainable development in the country.

Without implementing a decentralised system and empowering the local government, rural Bangladesh would not experience real development, he said. He also noted that corruption could not be removed from the country unless empowerment of the local government was ensured.

Gowher Rizvi, International Affairs adviser to the prime minister, acknowledged the existing flaws in the government and said the government had been trying to ensure accountability and transparency.

Regarding the government move towards ensuring good governance, Gowher Rizvi said the government had taken different initiatives such as implementing the Right to Information Act to ensure transparency in the activities of public sector.

He added that the government had almost finalised the Public Service Act and National Integrity Strategy with an aim to ensure responsibility and accountability of public offices.


17 February, 2014