Democracy to dawn on Middle East in future Hopes Turkish envoy, The Daily Sun, October 13, 2011

People in the Middle East have now awakened to rule of law and democracy, said speakers at a discussion on Wednesday.

They have also risen in protest against autocracy and injustice prevailing over a long period of time in society.

The speakers made the observations at a roundtable on “Middle East: economic condition and development” organised by Bangladesh Enterprise Institute in the capital.

Guest Speaker Prof Dr Turkkaya Ataov from Turkey presented the keynote paper delineating the background of popular uprising in some countries of Middle East.

Prof Dr Turkkaya Ataov in his keynote paper said people in the Middle East have started to protest against injustice in society.

He mentioned that the world economic meltdown also led onto the Egyptian crisis.

The people in Egypt protested against corruption, unemployment and demanded social justice, he added.

Turkkaya Ataov said a worker in a printing press of Egypt draws salary of around US$100 while a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) US$ 65,000.

Against such discrimination in the society, around 15 million Egyptians, including peasants, took to the street, demanding redistribution of payment, Ataov said.

He added that Christian fundamentalism is also spreading fast.

Terming Christian fundamentalism an arm of neocolonialism, the guest speaker said it is the worst fundamentalism.

In his address, former ambassador Farooq Sobhan said very important events have recently taken place in the Middle East, especially in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Turkish Ambassador H E M Vakur Erkul said democracy can’t just be confined to certain countries.

People in the Middle East have now awakened to democracy, he said, hoping that democracy will dawn on the Middle East in future.

In the question-answer session, noted Historian Professor Dr Syed Anwar Husain, also editor of daily sun, asked how the uprising in the Middle East is a revolution, as there is no philosophy, no leadership and no organisation for this.

Turkkaya Ataov also agreed that the upsurge by Egyptians is not a revolution.

Former ambassador and chief information commissioner Muhammad Zamir and former ambassador M Humayun Kabir, among others, attended the programme which was presided over by BEI president and former ambassador Farooq Sobhan.


13 October, 2011