Development accelerates in Northern Sri Lanka, The Independent, 7 August 2012

The visiting external affairs minister of Sri Lanka Prof. G.L. Peiris has claimed that the war torn northern region of his country has been witnessing tremendous economic development since the last couple of years. “The economy of northern peninsula has been growing at a rate of 20 per cent though the country’s average growth rate is eight per cent only,” he pointed out. He also claimed that the Sri Lankan army had been playing a vital role in transforming the conflicting area into a peaceful land.

The Sri Lankan minister was delivering a lecture on equity, opportunity and empowerment a south Asian perspective at the Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies BIISS on Monday.

Prof. Dr Gowher Rizvi, adviser to the Prime Minister on international affairs moderated the discussion. Former foreign secretary Farooq Sobhan, BIISS director general Maj.Gen Muhammad Imrul Quayes also spoke on the occasion.


07 August, 2012