Help digitise govt offices, The Independent, 25 July 2012

Speakers at a meeting on Tuesday underscored the need for coordination of different government offices in digitisation to help facilitate better services to the people. Praising government’s initiative to digitalise the country, they said at present people are getting different information of government agencies through its websites  but they sometime face obstacles to understand the subject matter as the information is written in English instead of Bangla. The observation came at a ‘third joint coordination meeting between the information commission and local government and rural development and cooperatives ministry to promote proactive disclosure,’ organsied jointly LGRD and Cooperatives ministry, Information commission, USAID and PROGATI at department of public health and engineering in the city.

In a keynote paper, they found that many of the government departments have not yet included citizen services, information on human resources, financial resources, products and good allocation in the websites.

The information commission may monitor progress of implementation of proactive disclosure in this regard so that people can get easy access to the information, they suggested.

President of Bangladesh Enterprise Institute, Farooq Sobhan said, “Proactive disclosure of information is necessary as it reflects the policy of openness and transparency in the country.”

The Right to Information Act, 2009 is the conceptual and legal basis for proactive disclosure in the country, he added.

About dissemination of information in the root levels, he said the Local Government Departments have a wide excess to public and its impact on society is deep-rooted to a great extent. Therefore, LGD should proactively pursue the proactive disclosure issue.

Information commissioner MA Taher said through proactive disclosure of information regarding all development projects at grassroots can ensure proper utilization of resources and put a check on corruption.


25 July, 2012