Intensify security cooperation, say Indo-Bangla envoys, The Daily Star, 15 November 2014


Noted diplomats from Bangladesh and India speak on the second day of the first India-Bangladesh High Commissioners’ Summit, organised by Dhaka University’s international relations department and India-Bangladesh Foundation on the campus Saturday

The diplomats from Bangladesh and India today called the governments for deepening and widening economic engagement and intensifying security cooperation for mutual benefit of peoples of the two countries.

The call was made by over a dozen of former high commissioners, who previously served in Dhaka and New Delhi on the concluding day of the two-day first ever Bangladesh-India High Commissioners’ Summit at the Senate Hall of Dhaka University.

The summit of retired diplomats, organised by the international relations department of the University of Dhaka with support from the India-Bangladesh Foundation, adopted a nine-point Dhaka Declaration which chartered the future course of relations.

It reaffirmed that the two countries should strengthen their friendly relations on the basis of mutual trust, amity and cooperation in the best interests of the peoples of Bangladesh and India by protecting their democratic values and rights.


1. Welcome the convening of the first Bangladesh-India high Commissioners’ Summit in Dhaka, organised by the Department of International Relations, University of Dhaka with support from the India-Bangladesh Foundation, and thank the organizers

2. Encourage the Governments of Bangladesh and India to intensify their efforts to strengthen their relationship by taking a holistic approach in addressing bilateral issues and challenges

3. Recognise the importance of deeper and effective communications at the popular level through greater and comprehensive flow of information and contacts between students, academicians, print and electronic media, corporate sector, environmentalists and other stakeholders in order to build enhanced level of awareness, mutual trust and confidence

4. Emphasise the importance of deepening and widening economic engagement between the two countries with particular focus on free and increasing flow of goods and services including investment and financial services

5. Call upon the Governments of Bangladesh and India to intensify their cooperation on all security related matters

6. Urge to undertake a holistic approach in the exploration and utilization of shared and other natural resources for mutual benefit of the people of the two countries

7. Emphasis the importance of and the need for strengthening cooperation at sub-regional, and regional levels with particular focus on Saarc and Bimstec

8. Decide to form an Alumni of the High Commissioners of Bangladesh and India who have served in the two countries for regular interaction and sharing of experiences among themselves and with other stakeholders

9. Recommend the continuation of our interaction by organising regular biennial Summits and propose to hold the next Summit in India in 2016


15 November, 2014