Push for fresh polls imperils stability: Gowher, The Financial Express, 17 February 2014

Prime Minister’s Foreign Affairs Adviser Dr Gowher Rizvi Sunday said it is nothing but a ‘self-disservice’ to constantly raise issues based on ‘selective evidence’ from opinion polls about political and the recent national election.

“By constantly raising issues based on selective evidence from opinion polls, I think, we’re doing ourselves a self-disservice,” he told a seminar at city’s Brac Centre Inn.

Reminding constitutional compulsion, Gowher also said pushing for fresh polls, by setting deadlines, is creating instability when the country needs respite and stability. Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI) arranged the seminar titled ‘Good Governance in Bangladesh: An Agenda for the Future’ with its President Farooq Sobhan in the chair. Canadian High Commissioner in Dhaka Heather Cruden also spoke at the inaugural session of the seminar, according to a news agency.

The adviser came up with the remark when Heather Cruden, in her speech, referred to a recent poll of the International Republican Institute (IRI) that claimed the majority of Bangladeshis believe the country is headed in wrong direction and non-participatory elections fall short of public expectations.

Dr Gowher said everybody is aware of the limitation of the elections that were held and all are aware that there are certain constitutional compulsions. “We have to understand this compulsion…ultimately whether an election is valid or invalid it’s dependent on the acceptability of people.”

Source: http://www.thefinancialexpress-bd.com/2014/02/16/19124

17 February, 2014