Turkey ready to help M-E in establishing democracy, The Financial Express, October 13, 2011

Turkish ambassador in Dhaka M Vakur Erkul said Wednesday that his country is ready to help some Middle East (ME) countries struggling to establish democracy.

“Democracy is not for any particular region or people of the globe. We (Turkey) respect the Middle East countries’ people’s struggle for establishing democracy. Turkey is ready to support the democratic process in the region,” he told the media at a roundtable discussion in the capital.

Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI) organised the roundtable on “Middle East: Economic Condition and Development” at the conference room of its office at Gulshan in the capital. President of BEI presided Farooq Sobhan presided over the roundtable.

Prof Turkkaya Ataov from Turkey as guest speaker in the roundtable said the evolving political situation in the Middle East and some other African countries is a challenge to the world.

“He (Mubarak) has established a ruthless state in Egypt that gave a momentum to Arab spring to some countries in Middle East (ME). During the rule of Mubarak, mass arrests were made and torture meted out to the anti-government protesters,” he said.

He said Mubarak had endorsed Israel’s attack on Gaza strip in 2008-09. The Egyptian revolution actually started in 2006 that finally led to the ouster of former president Hosni Mubarak.

He said that what is happening in Egypt is important in the region (Middle East). It was popular revolution. Now the people of Egypt are demanding democracy, reforms and social justice.

He discussed the evolving situation in Yemen, Syria, Libya and Somalia.

“Gaddafi was also a dictator- but he did some good things for the people,” he said.

He, however, said the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) cannot violate the Charter of the United Nations.

Prof Turkkaya Ataov strongly opposed all forms of fundamentalism.

“Christian fundamentalism is also one of the arms of new colonialism,” he said adding that all kinds of fundamentalism are bad and all Muslims or Christians are not fundamentalists.

Farooq Sobhan said that the bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Turkey are moving on the right path. The economic cooperation between the two countries is very important.

Prof Anwar Hossain, Editor of the Daily Sun, Chief Information Commissioner Mohammad Zamir and educationist Prof Selina Mohsin and vice-president of BEI M Humayun Kabir, among others, were present.

Source: http://www.thefinancialexpress-bd.com/more.php?news_id=152779&date=2011-10-13

13 October, 2011