Migration & Development

A Study on “Policy and Public Benefit Interventions to Help Bangladesh Achieve an Annual Migrant Remittance of USD 30 Billion per Annum by 2015” was conducted by BEI in September 2007. Danish International Development Assistance (DANIDA), Embassy of Denmark, Dhaka, Bangladesh had initiated the study to recommend measures to be undertaken by the Government of Bangladesh to achieve an annual migrant remittances of US$ 30 billion per annum by 2015. In the second phase of the Project, BEI organized a Roundtable Meeting with the Government and other relevant stakeholders to encourage and facilitate their commitment in the implementation of the recommendations. The findings of the study showed that earning remittances through overseas employment is a very difficult and complex task. Several factors are associated with the matter and a number of organizations of the Government are involved in the process. In order to achieve the desired goal of increasing migrant remittances to the level of US$ 30 billion annually by 2015, a number of measures were discussed in the study that need to be taken by the Government.

Currently, BEI in collaboration with International Organization for Migration (IOM) has undertaken a project on preparing a Migration Profile for Bangladesh. The main objective of the project is enhancing governmental knowledge about migration and its relationship to development, in order to support governments in establishing mechanisms for regular reporting on migration related trends. This project will improve the use of migration information for policy development. In addition, the study would foster greater inter-ministerial coordination and collaboration with respect to data collection and policy development.