Access to edn, job, women empowerment still big challenges for S Asia, The Financial Express, 7 August 2012

Date: 6 August 2012

Access to education and job, women empowerment and eradication of poverty are still big challenges for the countries in South Asia. And joint efforts and mutual cooperation among the countries could help the region to get out from such burdens, said speakers at a lecture discussion Monday in the capital.

The observation came at the lecture on “Equity, Opportunity and Empowerment: A South Asian Perspective” organised by Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI) and Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS) in the auditorium of BIISS in the city.

President of BEI Farooq Sobhan presided over the event. Director General (DG) of BIISS Major General Muhammad Imrul Quayes delivered the address of welcome.

Minister for External Affairs of Sri Lanka GL Peiris has said his country is now peaceful and stable after the ending of years old civil war between the government forces and the Liberation of Tamil Tigers Eelam (LTTE).

He has said that Sri Lankan government has taken a massive development project in the northern province of Jaffna for ensuring equitable progress and opportunity for all the ethnic communities in his country.

He has said that Sri Lankan government has taken steps to ensure equitable development in rural areas to stop internal migration.

He suggested South Asian countries should focus more on rural development side by side with the urban areas.

Adviser for International Affairs to the Prime Minister Dr Gowher Rizvi said that erosion of dignity creates an uneven competition in the society.

He also said the society should be merit-based for ensuring equity and opportunity for all.

“We believe in the best quality of people. We will continue to take positive action for ensuring equity and justice for all,” he said.

Prof Anwar Hussain of Department of History of Dhaka University and Senior Research Director of BEI Humayun Kabir, among others, were present.