BEI President Mr. Farooq Sobhan spoke at the opening session of a 3-day regional conference for prosecutors titled “Good Giving – Countering Terrorist Financing and Violent Extremism in the Charitable Community”, New Age, 8 December 2014, Dhaka

Date: 8-10 December 2014

ing together to counter terrorist financing

US Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement William R Brownfield on Monday said governments and non-government organisations will have to work together to counter terrorist financing, reports United News of Bangladesh. ‘The fight against terrorism is truly a global endeavour,’ Brownfield said laying emphasis on exchanging and sharing information among countries across the globe to stop terrorist financing. The US Assistant Secretary was addressing the opening session of a three-day regional conference for prosecutors titled ‘Good Giving Countering Terrorist Financing and Violent Extremism in the Charitable Community’ at a city hotel. Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) of the United Nations Elizabeth Joyce and president of Bangladesh Enterprise Institute, Farooq Sobhan also spoke at the opening session. Participants from Bangladesh, the Maldives, Nepal and Pakistan are attending the conference funded by the Counter Terrorism Bureau. William Brownfield said charities and NGOs collect millions of dollars each year for benevolent causes across the globe. The vast majority of these organisations are created to help those in need and serve to promote socioeconomic development, he said. ‘Unfortunately, a portion of this money, whether by design or through the exploitation of legitimate organisations, is diverted to support the acts of terrorism,’ Brownfield said. He emphasised encouraging those good charities and NGOs for their socioeconomic development activities and also to give attention so that no money gets diverted unintentionally to terrorism acts. ‘Domestic, inter-agency cooperation as well as international collaboration are critical if we are to succeed in denying terrorist organisations a safe haven in the charitable and NGO sector,’ Brownfield said. He mentioned that several countries in South Asia are taking preventive measures to stem the flow of terrorist financing, including the consideration of charity and oversight laws. The visiting Assistant Secretary of US hoped that the participants will work together to understand the risks and strengthen charitable regulation regimes so that all can feel confident that their charitable communities are not being abused.