Mr Faiz Sobhan, Research Director, BEI attended a track 2 meeting on Population Movements in the Indian Ocean on 14 December 2015 in Yangon, Myanmar

Date: 14 December 2015


The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue and the Myanmar Institute for Strategic and International Studies (Myanmar ISIS) co-hosted a dialogue convening Track 2 institutions from Myanmar, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Thailand on population movements in the region. Among the issues raised included the need for cooperative action to manage the risks  and maximise the opportunities of migration by addressing root causes and immediate impacts. Moreover, how this cooperation needs to be at the bilateral, regional and global level. Also discussed among other issues, was the need for a specialised, perhaps informal, regional architecture that includes all affected countries for managing population movements in the region that can complement ASEAN as a forum for discussion. There was also agreement that civil society organizations have an important role in undertaking  development projects in areas of origin and other vulnerable areas.