BEI-SEDF Business Advisory Service for SMEs

Project Coordinator : Mr. Iftekar Ahmed
Project Duration :  March, 2003- February, 2004
Development Partner : South Asia Enterprise Development Facility (SEDF)

Status : Completed

Objective :

The Bangladesh Enterprise Institute with support from the South Asia Enterprise Development Facility (SEDF) implemented a project to identify the difficulty in obtaining precise and accurate information about regulatory process at regulatory agencies to be key constraints that severely affects SMEs in Bangladesh. BSAS was set up to investigate and collect data to identify the experience of SMEs in going through the regulatory processes. In March 2004, the BEI-SEDF SME Advisory Service conducted an impact assessment study to evaluate the impact of the display boards placed at regulatory agencies. Data was collected through multiple survey instruments and the results were compared with findings from a study conducted at the same regulatory agencies.