Building Capacity in Business Journalism Professionals

Project Coordinator : Ms. Sherina Tabassum
Project Duration :  March, 2007- April, 2008
Development Partner : Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)

Status: Completed

Objective :

Building Capacity in Business Journalism Professionals, an initiative undertaken by BEI with support from the Center for International Private Enterprises (CIPE), aims to create a demand for effective economic reporting, and in turn, improve the quality of business journalism in Bangladesh. BCBJP is envisioned to contribute towards the growth and development of the private sector in Bangladesh by strengthening the role of media as a “watch-dog”, which monitors and reports on economic reforms and development. In Bangladesh, this “watchdog” role of the media is constrained, due to limited training opportunities for media professionals on business and economics concepts, as well as, the problems and constraints faced by the private sector in doing business in Bangladesh. This also prevents the media from effectively advocating for pro-poor growth and development strategies and prevents the benefits of these strategies from being effectively communicated to society.

The aim of this initiative is, therefore, to pilot wide training on these issues for media professionals by training of a core group of 20 media professionals on journalists on issues related to business and business journalism in Bangladesh and the world. Such training for the media professionals is envisioned to improve the standards of reporting on issues related to business and the private sector development. The training, in turn, is also expected to strengthen economic reporting, and provide society with an accurate representation of the challenges faced by the private sector. The programme will also enable journalists and the media to monitor the activities of the private sector better and in so doing, will ensure that the interests of society are protected.

As part of the programme, the participants will also be exposed to business leaders so that they can gain a holistic understanding of the needs and constraints of the private sector, and can learn how effective Business Journalism can be used to address these needs. BEI will organize periodic seminars and workshops on Business Journalism to keep the participants’ knowledge current and up-to-date. Finally, BEI will also aim to replicate this action for a wider audience of media professionals and, in so doing, enable media throughout Bangladesh to effectively report on issues related to business and economics.