Charting a Roadmap for Transition to Business-to-Business e-Commerce

Project Coordinator : Mr. M. Shafiullah and Mr. Zahid Hossain
Project Duration :  August, 2004- May, 2005
Development Partner : Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

Status : Completed

Objective :

This study produced a comprehensive research-based report with the objective of providing a solid foundation for e-Commerce policy dialogues and concrete strategic steps to be taken by different stakeholders, such as the private sector, the government, law-makers, and academia. The study primarily aimed to bring into focus:

  • quantifiable benefits of the private sector in moving towards e-Commerce,
  • specific steps and initiatives that may be undertaken by private companies,
  • support required from the government in terms of infrastructure, legal framework, policies, and incentives,
  • preparedness of the IT industry and technical human resource for e-Commerce, and
  • the need for international standard business curricula in Bangladesh.