Comparative Analysis of Corporate Governance in South Asia – Charting a Roadmap for Bangladesh (Stage1, Stage 2 & stage 3)

Project Coordinator : Ms. Lopa Rahman
Project Duration :  July, 2002- July, 2004
Development Partner : DFID

Status : Completed

Objective :

The roadmap was a diagnostic assessment of the corporate governance regulations and practices in Bangladesh compared to its neighbors: India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The assessment was measured against international norms and current practices as recognized by the OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance. The report identified critical areas where institutions, regulations, or other economic factors in the corporate sector could be strengthened to improve Corporate Governance (CG). This report identified that the relatively low level of international investment in Bangladesh does not provide a sufficient motivation for improving CG, nor are there many traditional domestic motivations for improvement in CG practices in Bangladesh. As Bangladesh begins to focus on the development of the private sector, strong corporate governance is a key part of increasing economic efficiency and efficiently utilizing domestic investment to achieve greater economic development. Good corporate governance practices will help develop and stimulate better business management, strategic management, and risk management. In the long term this will make Bangladeshi businesses more competitive.