Development of a Public-Private Partnership Readiness Assessment Framework for Countries in the South Asia Pacific Region

Project Coordinator : Mr. M. H. Khaleque
Project Duration :  April, 2005- May, 2005
Development Partner : UNESCAP

Status: Completed

Objective :

As an element of the capacity – building component of ESCAPS’s 5-P project, the secretariat had developed a draft framework for the assessment of a country’s Public-Private Partnership Readiness. The assessment framework was used to develop an action plan to strengthen a country’s PPP-readiness and to assess and benchmark the current state of PPP- readiness and capacity of the public sector in developing and implementing PPP projects including pro-poor projects. The secretariat would like to framework in a few countries including Bangladesh for future refinement of the framework as well as an assessment of the support needed to assist countries in improving their PPP-readiness and enhancing the capacity of the public sector. Considering its experience in the field, interest and past experiences, BEI was chosen as the partner institution to assist ESCAP in refining the draft framework and piloting it in Bangladesh.