Productivity Baseline Study

Project Coordinator : Mr. M. H. Khaleque
Project Duration :  February, 2005- June, 2005
Development Partner : KATALYST

Status : Completed

Objective :

BEI, in collaboration with Katalyst, conducted a productivity baseline study to map the productivity of enterprise in several areas including – Plastics, Agro-tools, Vegetables, Pond Fisheries, Bamboo, Poultry, Furniture and Maize. Baseline and benchmark data was collected from each sub sector from representative firms in selected geographical areas all over Bangladesh. The study had two objectives. One objective was “Impact Assessment”, which was, to establish the productivity baseline, thereby helping guide the design of market interventions and track changes in the future. The other objective was to do a “Benchmark Gap Analysis”. This involved identifying factors attributing to the success of industry leaders so that others can replicate these factors.