Ms. Sanjida Akhter

Ms. Sanjida Akhter is the Assistant Director at Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI). She is leading the project
“Enabling CSOs/NGOs and Media to promote good governance, accountability and transparency” funded by the Asia Foundation Bangladesh.

Prior to joining BEI, Ms. Sanjida worked at USAID’s Obirodh: Road to Tolerance team from Democracy International as Monitoring & Evaluation Assistant and Research Assistant. Ms. Sanjida also served Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU) as Research Assistant and Research Associate. In the books “Impact of Migration on Poverty and Growth in Bangladesh, 2018” and “Accommodating Migration in Climate Change Adaptation: A GBM Delta Bangladesh Perspective, 2018”, Ms. Sanjida was acknowledged as Research Associate.

Ms. Sanjida went to the University of Dhaka and received a Bachelor as well as a Master degree in International Relations. She was the Training and Liaison Secretary of Dhaka University Debating Society (DUDS), President at Shamsun Nahar Hall Debating Club (SNDC) and a blood donor at Badhan, A Voluntary Blood Donours’ Organization at the university.