Savitri one of the BEI partners in Rajshahi took the message of awareness, The Prothom Alo, 31 July 2021

Savitri one of the BEI partners in Rajshahi took the message of awareness, The Prothom Alo, 31 July 2021

July 29. Cloudy afternoon. Drizzle. The sound of miking in a woman's voice is coming from a battery-powered autorickshaw next to the Paba Upazila Land Office in Rajshahi. 'Wear a mask, stay safe', 'Don't be afraid of Corona, we will win.'

This young woman's name is Savitri Hembrum. She is the daughter of Surya Hembrum, a retired district co-operative officer, a resident of Haragram East in the city. Her mother is Sumila Tudu, president of the Rajshahi metropolitan branch of the National Tribal Council. Savitri graduated from Rajshahi College in 2017 with a master's degree in economics.

From the beginning of Corona, Savitri has been going from village to village with the message of awareness. She is trying to make people aware of the lack of health awareness among the people and indifference towards the use of masks. Also distributing masks. Soap is helping children to develop the habit of washing their hands. As a volunteer, she was joined by students Prashant Minj, Lina Minj, Elio Mardi, Farzana Tinni, and policeman Samuel Hasda.

Savitri also spread awareness messages to the students gathered in front of a school in Santoshpur village on Thursday afternoon. Given the opportunity to talk about child marriage. Distributed soap and masks among them.

Savitri Hembrum told Prothom Alo that she has been doing this since the beginning of Corona. However, there was a gap in the middle for some time. She has already worked in a secluded village in Paba and Godagari Upazilas. Most of them have visited Nabaibattala, Nimghutu, Haldibuna, Andharkota, Gopalpur, Minapur, Bhugroil, Santoshpur, Darshanpara, etc. A day or two later she went to a village. Go for miking from an autorickshaw.

Savitri is associated with several voluntary organizations. She is the founding president of Rahala Remill Dance Group, a volunteer of UNDP, president of Rudo Youth Group, and vice president of Adivasi Chhatra Parishad. Savitri said that being associated with a service organization has given her the courage to work even during the coronation period. She is still bearing the cost of this awareness work.


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