Realizing the Vision of Digital Bangladesh through e-Government

Realizing the Vision of Digital Bangladesh through e-Government

Project Coordinator : Mr. Shahab Enam Khan
Project Duration :  December, 2009- March, 2010
Development Partner : Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

Objective : E-Government is one of the most important factors in “Digital Bangladesh” since it involves citizen’s access to crucial services and the government’s ability to make quick, timely and informed decisions regarding resources allocation. There is often an effort to put disproportionate emphasis on communication infrastructure, such as computers and Internet, and not as much on its strategic use, when it comes to issues of Digital Bangladesh. E-Government is increasingly becoming an issue that would require different stakeholders to come together to find solutions – particularly the government, the private sector, the financial institutes and donors. This project focuses to bring all the concerned stakeholders to a common platform to discuss the issues to turn Bangladesh into a information based society and thus in turn implementing the idea of Digital Bangladesh.

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